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Jan. 20, 2022, Campaign Conversations

Join ReZsaun Lewis for another episode of Campaign Conversations. ReZsaun is officially the only Democratic candidate for SC House 97. ReZsaun talks about Governor McMaster's State of the State Address and how things have been since President Biden took office a year ago. ReZsaun also talks about how he has received endorsements from SC House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford and US Senate Candidate Representative Krystle Matthews this week. The campaign launched a store this week. Visit the website to check it out. He is also joined by SC Senate 31 candidate Suzanne La Rochelle who is also running in a Special Election. In addition, Judd Larkins, Candidate for SC Congressional District 2, joined ReZsaun during the live stream and endorsed ReZsaun in his run for SC House District 97. Special Election is on May 17th.

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