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The Journey Begins...

In my life, I've been blessed to do many things. For those that don't know, my life has taken several interesting turns since I was a child. I've been a musician, a performer, a soldier, a teacher, a student, a mentor, the leader of a nonprofit organization, and many more. Each step along the way, I've picked up specialized skill or trait that has aided me in my next endeavor. I've met people who have changed how I think, act or treat my fellow man.

In 2007, Senator Barack Obama spoke at my alma mater North Charleston High School, while on the campaign trail for his first presidential campaign. I waited in line for three hours to hear him speak, and when he came, many things that I was on the fence about changed. At that time, I realized that whatever I was doing wasn't enough. Though I was doing okay for myself and my family, I wasn't contributing anything of substance to my larger community. I wasn't benefitting my fellow man. I wasn't using the fortune of my life to make the world a better place. That day changed my life.

The first time I can remember wanting to run for office was when I went to Washington DC in 2014. I can remember visiting the chambers of the South Carolina legislators and thinking to myself that those people could change the circumstances of people that I care about or kids who grew up as I did. As a young man who grew up in North Charleston, it was highly uncommon for people to aspire to be a legislator of any kind. None of us even knew what a legislator was, to be honest. While walking the halls of Congress, I felt like a brand new world of hope and possibility had opened up to me, and I promised myself that one day, I, too, would join the ranks of lawmakers who have the honor of serving the people in the legislature.

Since deciding to be impactful in my community over pursuing personal success, I've found joy in being able to climb mountains that people have told me is impossible. I've achieved many things, but I have been told outright that it would be an improbable feat. That's never scared me before, and it will not work in this journey. My hope is for this journey to be an opportunity to learn like every other that I've embarked on. I want to learn about my future constituents and the things that make my district special. I want to learn about the people of District 97 as I ask for their support in this endeavor. Most of all, I want to learn what the needs of the people are and how I can best serve them.

This campaign isn't about me. Yes, I'm running. My name is on the marquee, but the people are indeed what this is all about. The person who will be elected to this position will be the one that the people believe will best represent them and their interests in Columbia. I believe in my heart that person is me.

If you aren't sure about me yet, invite me over for a cup of coffee, and let's talk about it. I'm sure we have room under the tent for you.

The journey begins...

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