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Why I'm Running

I am running because I believe in the power of us. I believe that the people of District 97 need a champion who is willing to listen to their concerns and not just assume that I have all the answers. I believe that together, we can build coalitions of change that will make a significant change for the future of our district.

I am running because I want us to build a better community that educates our young people adequately and makes sure that our elderly have adequate health care. I am running because I want to make it so that the small business owner can maintain their life’s work but while paying their employee a livable wage. I am running because I want to ensure that relationships between law enforcement and their communities aren’t a fight for power but a collaborative effort that helps communities stay safe and crime-free. 

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Why You Should Vote For me

I deserve your vote because I have served the state of South Carolina throughout my life. I have committed time and time again to take the hard right instead of the easy left. I have fought through situations in my life that may have destroyed other people, and yet here I stand before you today. I have made a career out of working with people, regardless of their background, race, party, or socioeconomic status, to produce sustainable outcomes in the community. I have stood side by side with you, the people, as we’ve watched our country be torn apart by party allegiances and gridlock in congress.

You should vote for me because I will listen more than I speak. I will act in your name, and I will be a representative you can proudly call your own. I will fight to make sure that the resources necessary to get the job done are acquired for the people of District 97. I know this because it’s what I’ve always had to do. I had to do it in the military. I had to do it in the classroom. I’ve had to do it in the nonprofit sector. Now I’m asking that you let me do it for you.

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